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As virtual collaboration tools continue to improve and become even easier to use, the challenge of managing the resulting information and data trail only becomes more acute. The risks of document sprawl, siloed information, and compliance gaps grow as it becomes easier for any member of an organization to quickly create, duplicate, and share content.

Get in front of these risks by investing in a document management system that enables you to take back control of your organization's data and information, secure processes, ensure compliance, AND maximize the return on your Microsoft 365 investment.
What to expect:
Gain insights on how you can maintain an information management structure that serves the entire organization and can evolve with changing demands:
  • Version Control: Avoid duplication and "shadow content management"
  • Workflow Automation: Automate processes that capture the entire document lifecycle
  • Compliance and Security: Secure information with strong dynamic document-level access rights that allow for auditable temporary access without copying content
  • Content Collaboration: Learn how internal & external collaboration can be integrated into the overall information governance
  • Eliminate Information Silos: Connect with business applications outside the Microsoft 365 ecosystem to connect and enrich documents with their database counterparts

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Meet the Presenters:


Juha Anttila

CEO & Consultant


Juha has 20 years experience on Document Management, and he has worked as a consultant in more than 300 customer projects. Juha knows Microsoft 365 and SharePoint platforms very well from the point of view of document management. M-Files and some other leading Content Management tools are also familiar to Juha from numerous projects, and his passion is to find best role for each system in various use cases.

Juha has written several publications on Information Management, and he is Co-Founder of Microsoft 365 Good, Bad and Ugly annual conference, which focuses on case stories. Juha holds M.Sc. from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland.


Mike Asebrook

VP, Product Marketing


With over 20 years of Product Marketing and Product Management experience, Mike is focused on delivering innovative SaaS solutions to market.

His experience includes senior roles at SaaS companies Pegasystems, Genesys, Cisco, and Avid Technology. Mike’s primary interests include driving key market trends (AI, Robotic Automation, Contextual search, UX) into useful solutions for a wide range of use cases in the Document Management industry. Mike holds a B.A. and M.B.A from the University of Massachusetts and lives in Acton, Massachusetts. 

Ville Somppi - M-Files - Highres

Ville Somppi

VP, Professional Services Solutions


Ville has over 20 years of experience defining, developing, and deploying technology solutions for knowledge intensive industries. Ville has worked with companies across the globe ranging from large corporations to small startups and family-owned businesses. He has hands-on experience deploying, optimizing and using Microsoft solutions.

At M-Files, Ville is in charge of understanding the needs of our target industries and improving our product-market fit. Ville holds a Masters degree (MSc) in software engineering from Tampere University of Technology.